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Who is Mohammed Abu Aql?Born in 1974, I studied at UNRWA schools and finished my High School on 1991, I started my university studies and was one of the best students in my department [Modern languages at Yarmouk university], so I gained a place in an Educational Exchange Program between Jordan and France between 1994 and 1995. Shortly after my graduation, I participated in another Educational Exchange Program between Lebanon and Jordan, where I spent 2 years. I learned a lot about living in a different country and then started my work as a translator between French and Arabic languages.

In 2001 I joined an office working in a special program for university students and liked it so much… It was Work & Travel… but I noticed that the cost was high for the students. I decided to find a way to reduce the cost for the students, so I signed a contract with a non-for-profit association {Beirut Arab Cooperative Association AAUS} in 2002 on clear conditions; I don’t receive any salary, I manage this program and other related student programs, but the Association reduces the cost for the students to the minimum. We had a huge success for two reasons, the good reputation of AAUS and the difference of prices we offer to the students for the same services offered from other agencies.

Due to the success we gained and the number of enrolments we placed, we managed to represent International NGOs and started working in university placement services for the students in addition to the work placements.

Between 2002 and 2006, we realised that more than 50% of our clients come from the Northern part of Jordan {especially Irbid} so I decided to open a Cultural Center there to help the applicants improve their levels in foreign languages, and reduce the travel cost for them, so they will not need to travel to Amman to get the services, instead, services will go to them to Irbid.

We started our services in Irbid in January 2007 and placed 35 students in USA and UK till June 2007, in both categories : Language programs and Work placements.

Why abuaql.com ?

Since I [Mohammed Abu Aql] gained a good reputation in providing this kind of services and high credibility among the students’ community and their families, I decided to make it reassuring and comforting to our client basis to stay in Irbid and not have to travel to Amman since the service is offered by the same person, or at least the same control on the service. Since it’s a family run business managed and directed by Abu Aql family.

Abu Aql Cultural Center has the intention to launch new opportunities this year to expand its Educational & Cultural services, and has begun initiating relationships with American and European Partners with whom we hope to achieve agreements to be their agents in Jordan, Egypt and the Middle East.

We look for a wide range of programs, not only for students to benefit from a higher level of education but also to have an opportunity to experience a different culture and learn a second language. Now it is important more than ever that we promote the cultural exchanges around the world. We act as consultants to help students obtain acceptance and placement at Universities around the world including special Study and Work in Hotel Management and other fields of study.

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