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For every student of Arabic, there comes a time where you reach a plateau... You can read and you might understand or recognize some words, but that's it.

You still struggle to focus in conversation because you don't know what the people around you are saying.

You need a course -- a long-term, consistent, accessible proven path to take them from where you are to where you want to go....


Because there's this tipping point that's waiting to happen...this moment in your studies where you get a breakthrough. The way the language works suddenly becomes crystal clear. Everything starts making perfect sense. You're surprised to find yourself reading and understanding things that seemed completely obscure just days ago.

We really believe that our Arabic program is one of the best courses for you because you're right at that stage where you aren't a beginner... but you're probably not where you want to be either. Students at YOUR stage stand to gain the most.

Unfortunately, few pass through this stage though. Most fall short.

But I believe this course can assist in getting you there. After all, I've spent the last decade teaching thousands of students just like you to do just that.

And because you're a dedicated person, I'm doing something very special for you. But it won't last long so you'll want to rush over to come and study here with 25% discount from the prices we offered during the last 9 months.

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دورات متخصصة في اللغة الانجليزية :

IELTS, Local TOEFL, International TOEFL IBT

الفرنسية : 
Cours Intensifs de Français
TCF, DELF A1, A2, B1, B2

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سافر واعمل في امريكا: بدأ التسجيل في هذا البرنامج لهذا العام والمقاعد محدودة.
لقد حصل جميع الطلبة المؤهلين على التأشيرة للموسم الماضي وعليه فإننا سنتشدد في اختيار الطلبة المؤهلين فقط.
هناك خصومات للطلبة المميزين : معدل امتياز... أو النجاح في امتحان اللغة بعلامة 85% فما فوق.

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